Fuel Up

You would never get in a car and try to go somewhere on an empty tank of gas, would you?  In the same respect, you should never train without eating something to fuel your body.  A key thing to remember is that everyone reacts differently to different amounts of food and different types of food, just as different types of automobiles run better on various types of gasolines.

Make sure you eat something prior to your training so that you have enough energy to sustain yourself through your session.  For most, this means eating at least an hour prior to beginning your training, and eating something easy for your body to digest.

But what if you have a session at 6:30 am, and you are one of those ‘I wake up at 6:25, roll out of bed, run down to the gym, and meet my trainer’ type of people?  It doesn’t matter.  To maximize results, you still have to have enough energy to successfully make it through your training.  Perhaps you have to find something easy for your body to digest, or make an adjustment to your alarm.

Is it wise to chug down a half-gallon of milk, 6 eggs, and eat a bagel with cream cheese at 6:25 and then meet your trainer at 6:30?  Not the brightest idea, but a couple bites of something (preferably never the bagel with cream cheese!) is better than eating nothing at all.  If you can’t eat a whole meal, try a half of a slice of whole wheat toast and a few spoonfuls of Greek non-fat yogurt.  This should give you some carbs and protein to fuel you through your training, but hopefully won’t upset your stomach if eaten in small enough portions.  You could also choose the option to have a protein shake (and cut the portion in half if it’s close to training time).

As always, be aware of any food allergies you may have.  The foods above are just suggestions, and may not be suitable for every person out there.  Just remember–fuel up before you take that road trip!