Stop staring and start learning

As a trainer, I always hear people saying they feel or look fat, or that they want to lose weight or ‘tone up’ because they do not like the way they currently look.  I am guilty of saying and feeling the same way in my own life from time to time.  As a trainer, I feel an obligation to look a certain way to maintain business and set an example for my clients.  Clients hire you for a variety of reasons: they like the way you look, they want their body to look like yours, they get a vibe of ‘I-can-trust-you,’ they read about you and think you can offer them great advice, or they have heard good word of mouth about you from another client.

Tonight I came across this article, which really puts things into perspective, and makes me realize how lucky we are, no matter how insecure we may be about the current state our body is in.  The majority of us are lucky because we have the power to change our bodies through proper nutrition and exercise, and thus change how we feel about ourselves.

Please read about this courageous woman, and the next time you complain about feeling or being fat, take a deep breath, and use the energy you spend analyzing and complaining about the way you look to do something positive to change the way you feel about yourself.  Positive change may start small; maybe it just means walking away from the full-length mirror, eating healthier (even if it’s just one meal, that’s a start), or beginning a journey towards your own health and fitness goals by going for a walk, a run, or taking a field trip to your local park or fitness center.

Most of us have the power to change the things we do not like, so stop staring and start learning.