Come fly with me!

Everyone loves FREE stuff, and here is an opportunity to take not one, but TWO different types of group fitness classes for FREE!

This free opportunity for 2013 fitness inspiration is available at Flywheel Studios! Your first cycling class is FREE if you have never taken class there before. Just click the link below to sign up. They also give you your first FlyBarre class (a barre method type of class) for free! The cycling is challenging, and each class is recorded in a log, so you can see your info (time, average speed, distance, power output, and more) each time you log in to your account.

I tried a class last Thursday in their studio on the Upper East Side. The instructor was Ryan Makely. He was very friendly, high energy, and great at motivating the class and keeping people focused throughout the ride. He also helped everyone who needed assistance setting up their bikes, and he answered any questions people had before class. There was also an ‘arms’ section in the class, which worked that upper body a bit as well. I won’t give anything else away; I will let you see for yourself.

If the Upper East Side is not convenient for you, there are also studios in the Flatiron district and the Upper West Side, as well as studios in other cities throughout the United States (and even in Dubai!). The lights are dimmed once class begins, so if you fear group fitness, nobody can really see you once class starts (except the instructor, who will sometimes walk around to check in)! The front-of-house staff was also very friendly and welcoming (and even gave me a tour to make sure I found everything I needed prior to class), so fear is no excuse to keep anyone away.

The studio provides unlimited towel service free with class, as well as keycode lockers, free bottled water, hair ties for ladies (or men if you need it!), and cycling shoes, so you don’t even have to worry about what shoes you have with you (your size will be in a bin that corresponds to the bike number you sign up for). There was no shower facility at the location I attended, but there are bathrooms and changing rooms.

Click below and challenge yourself to something new this year:

Fly FREE at Flywheel

Work hard and have fun! Let me know if you decide to go. If I am free, I will happily join you. I also plan to try the FlyBarre class sometime soon. Perhaps I will try to organize a group outing if anyone is interested!

FYI, I know I sound like ‘Positive Polly’ in this post, but I am not being remunerated in any way for spreading the word about these free and fun classes. Trust me, I have tried other cycling studios which I would NOT write about this enthusiastically. 😉

In health,