Cutting Out the Sugar

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know by now that sugar is bad for you.  Sugar is added to so many of the products we buy at the grocery store (and sometimes disguised under sneaky names like ‘high fructose corn syrup’).  I urge you to click the link and take a look at this article, recently published in The New York Times.  In the article are links to several other articles regarding a diabetes study, as well as how major companies are thwarting the exposure of just how bad sugar is for your body.

When discussing sugar intake with clients, the first rule (if you haven’t already) is to cut out ALL soda.  This includes diet sodas!  There is SO much sugar in soda, and it’s terrible for you.  You can find much better sources and ways to consume your daily calories.  And why diet sodas?  Diet sodas still have many chemicals in them, including ones which make us crave sugar!

Other ways to cut out unnecessary sugars include not adding sugar to any products you are consuming (like adding sugar to your coffee, or buying dried fruits or jams which have sugars added to them).  Instead, learn to drink your coffee black (I did, and although it took some time to adjust, I am much better off now!), or if you must, use organic agave nectar to sweeten instead of sugar packets!  Buy whole fruits instead of buying juices which often have added sugars (you will also get more fiber by eating the whole fruit versus drinking a glass of juice!).  If you do buy dried fruit, make sure the ingredients are JUST the fruit, and do not have other ingredients added to them.

Finally, become aware of what products you use.  For example, If you must use jelly and cannot live without it, you should try to buy a brand like Polaner all fruit, which is all natural fruit and fruit juices, as opposed to many common brands like Smuckers, which have added sugar.  If you click the links and compare the nutrition from a tablespoon of strawberry Polaner versus a tablespoon of strawberry Smucker’s, you will notice that Polaner has half the amount of sugar per serving (6 grams in the Polaner versus 12 g in the Smucker’s).  If you then read the ingredients, you will see that Smuckers has high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup added to it, but the Polaner has natural sugar from fruit juice added.  Your body will digest the natural products much better than the high fructose corn syrup.

By cutting out sugar and being smarter about what products we buy, we are taking steps to eliminate diabetes and other health issues, and making easy transitions to become healthier and happier.