Growing up, I had very little agility and hand-eye coordination.  I was constantly the last one picked in gym class, the worst athlete in the school, and I suffered constant humiliation. While most kids went to sports practice after school, I worked on the school newspaper or the latest drama presentation (which were all fulfilling experiences, mind you!).

Once I began attending college, my daily activity slowed down (and consequently, my metabolism did as well), and I quickly learned what everyone meant by the dreaded ‘freshman fifteen.’ Near the end of my sophomore year, I discovered what a gym was, and I learned the benefits of exercise. The fitness center led to a new passion, and soon I was going to the gym every day. The ‘freshman fifteen’ melted off, and not only was I at a healthy weight, but I began to see significant changes in my body composition. I was beginning to see more of these things I had often heard about but never experienced–muscles!

Throughout my life, I have dealt with obesity among friends and family members. Having seen how much nutrition and exercise (or at times, the lack of proper nutrition and exercise) directly affected my loved ones, as well as the benefits I saw through my own workouts, I was inspired to help people change their lives for the better. I decided to become a personal trainer–to help others grow stronger, both phsyically and emotionally.

Having worked out for over ten years, learning various technique and form from friends along the way, the next step in becoming a trainer was certification. I obtained my certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, which helped me advance in my own workouts as well as in my abilities to train other people. Training in a chain fitness center, I learned even more about technique, as well as more exercises to add to my ‘exercise bible,’ which still continues to grow on a daily basis. After working in the gym, I realized I wanted to become my own boss–so I began to recruit clients independently in the hopes of being able to train full time in homes and home fitness centers. A little less than a year and a lot of word-of-mouth later, I finally reached that goal. I now have a full-time schedule of regular clients who continually amaze me with their strength, dedication, and most of all–their results!

Next, I look forward to helping YOU reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about in-home training options, need a trainer for your own building’s fitness facility, or you are looking for a place to work independently with a trainer, or if you are interested in setting up a consultation.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to working with you soon.